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InAir Technology utilizes the ear to its full advantage by optimizing the ears’ natural features and ability to interpret sound and space.



The pinna collects sound and acts as a funnel, amplifying the sound towards the ear canal. While reflecting from the pinna, the sound also goes through a filtering process adding directional information while selecting sounds in the human frequency range. For low frequencies, the pinna reflects toward the ear canal. For high frequencies, the pinna reflects sound off the contours of the outer ear first creating a slight delay. This delay is referred to as the pinna notch, a phenomena detectable with InAir Technology but lost utilizing earphone systems that deliver sound directly into the ear canal.

Ear Canal

An open “active” ear uses the meatus as a tone producer and reduces the amount of amplitude required to drive speakers. The open ear also utilizes the effects of the pinna (above) while allowing the listener to also stay connected to ambient sounds within their environment.


The tragus is a tissue conduction point* and due to its proximity to the cochlea, it aids in the perception of high frequencies.
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